"Let us make it easy for you!"
 "Let us make it easy for you!"

Customs Regulations

Before shipping internationally, we incurrage all customers to contact the embassy or consulate for the country they are shipping to. Every country has different regulations regarding import taxes and acceptable import products. It is standard practice, with retailers large and small, the customer (Shipper/Consignee) is the one liable for any import fees and duties.


It is the customers (Shipper/Consignee) responsibility to check with the Embassy or Consulate pertaining to the country they are shipping/importing to for regulatory requirements. As well as obtain/provide all documentation needed/required at destination to facilitate their customs clearance. Customer (Shipper/Consignee) may also search online on the countries government website to obtain information on any required documentation including ToR1 applications (Application for Transfer of Residence relief) or permits required prior to shipping. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the consignee's name correlates with all documentations necessary for customs clearance (ex passport,visa, etc.) in efforts to avoid any delays, fees and inconveniences with their shipment. Customer (Shipper/Consignee) is responsible to make sure they have and provide an accurate inventory list/packing list or manifest of the contents being shipped. The correct number of loose items loaded into containers/shipped, must match this list. A translated version of this list may be required by Customs in the language pertaining to the country being shipped to.


You should be aware of any regulations regarding the import (and export) of your specific product or shipment for the country you are shipping to. Obviously animal and plant products, foods and chemicals are most likely to be restricted but some countries also have laws around items such as electronics, jewelry and precious metals etc.


Be sure to fill out any forms accurately and in detail. If customs has to seize a package because the description of the contents isn’t detailed enough or doesn’t seem to match the contents this may cause delays with clearance and additional fees. It is also illegal to mark an item as a gift when it is not. Customers often think that if do that, they don’t have to pay import taxes, but you will be liable if it is discovered.



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