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 "Let us make it easy for you!"

When Shipping Your Vehicle Overseas

When arranging to move a vehicle overseas, there are several issues which should be carefully considered:

Know the laws and regulations of the United States and the destination country regarding what cars may be imported, and what fees must be paid.

  • Every country has different laws regarding what types and ages of vehicles may be imported and/or exported, and those laws may change without notice. In particular, many countries do not allow the importation of vehicles over a certain age. If a vehicle can be imported, there are several different calculations of tariffs, taxes, or duties, including the value of the vehicle or the size of the engine.
  • The Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection (Customs) regulates goods arriving and leaving the country to ensure that the goods are legitimate and, for arriving goods, that appropriate duties and fees are paid. Prior to your move, you should check the U.S. requirements for importing and the U.S. requirements for exporting motor vehicles.


Ensure that your vehicle is properly prepared for an ocean move.

  • Make sure you prepare your vehicle for shipment prior to loading it into the shipping container or having it delivered to the shipping terminal. This likely will include draining the car of all gasoline or other potentially hazardous or flammable materials, and the disconnection or temporary removal of the battery. You should also check with iLines International regarding whether you may use your vehicle for additional packing space; many companies will not allow you to ship your vehicle if it contains loose items. Finally, determine what documentation, including the vehicle’s original title and/or registration, will need to be provided for export and/or import.



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  • David Renbach (Monday, October 16 17 12:00 am EDT)

    Shipped my car and my household to Stuttgart, Germany from Chicago with iLines and both arrived within the time I was told. Everything arrived in the same condition it was shipped, perfect. I’m very greatful to iLines for all the information they provided throughout the entire process and for making everything go so smooth. I definitely recommend iLines to anyone looking to ship to Germany or anywhere else overseas. Thank you, you guys were great!

  • Christina L. (Sunday, October 01 17 03:11 pm EDT)

    I shipped my personal belongings with iLines to Israel in August.They provided storage for my things for 6 months before i was ready to ship due to my visa not being processed yet. From the very beginning the process was very smooth, my rep Vinny always would keep me update with my sailing and also the logistics department was very kind with answering all my questions. I would highly recommend shipping with iLines.

  • Abdul Ali (Friday, September 29 17 12:57 am EDT)

    Best shipping company I have ever used! I now ship three containers a month for my business and ilines will be the only company I'll use! Thanks so much for your hard work ilines!

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